Monday, 24 October 2011

week 5/6 progress

well heres an update since i never done on last week, i had a minor problem of mis-counting so had to unpick the mistake and do it over again, not to worry all is good and progress is being made again.

been making good progress by managing to get 700 stitches done in one day and a further 300 another day so over a thousand stitches all in

also in the past fortnight i have cut fabric for the other 4 charts i have wth the help of eileen  so will be be able to start another chart after i move ;)

ive also been working on another cover kit in between times and will post some pics of this at a later date
think that will do for now x x

Monday, 10 October 2011

Wee projects that keep me busy in between times

While I was staying at my mums I was working on a couple of small lickle ted kits aswell as my HAED kit and mum has finally brought them back to me so I thought I would upload pics of these aswell, I generally do these kits when I'm out and about to save carrying my larger kit and materials around :) x

week 4 update

ok so this week i have been fairly busy although huge amounts of stitching haven't been done.

I'm still pleased with my progress and enjoying this chart.

This week aswell as working on my kit I've sorted out my threads, i have pics of all the work I've done this week.

this is what I've managed to do this past week which isn't bad considering I lost 2 days due to going to dentist on Friday and being ill after it :(.

On a happier not I've managed to get in some retail therapy thanks to Eileen for making me a list of everything I will need to start these charts :) x I've also managed to find another house which is good but comes with its down points as now I'll be moving close to Christmas and missing out on my stitching :( but needs must there will be plenty waiting for me once I'm moved and settled :)

think that will do for now x

Monday, 3 October 2011

another weeks work.......... (week 3)

well that's another week past and and time for another update, again huge amounts have not been done but its coming along nicely and i'm enjoying every minute :) .

 To be fair its the only thing keeping me sane at the minute since I've been giving notice to move house in the next few months :(.

hopefully some retail therapy later in the month will help when i buy some more charts and materials :) got money put aside and i cant wait :D

also should really sort out my threads as having them in a plastic storage box is rather time consuming and this is just lazyness on my part as i have thread storage boxes which i was given and haven't bothered yet, hmmmmm may do that today, and if i don't get round to it at least the thought was there lol .