Monday, 10 October 2011

week 4 update

ok so this week i have been fairly busy although huge amounts of stitching haven't been done.

I'm still pleased with my progress and enjoying this chart.

This week aswell as working on my kit I've sorted out my threads, i have pics of all the work I've done this week.

this is what I've managed to do this past week which isn't bad considering I lost 2 days due to going to dentist on Friday and being ill after it :(.

On a happier not I've managed to get in some retail therapy thanks to Eileen for making me a list of everything I will need to start these charts :) x I've also managed to find another house which is good but comes with its down points as now I'll be moving close to Christmas and missing out on my stitching :( but needs must there will be plenty waiting for me once I'm moved and settled :)

think that will do for now x

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