Monday, 24 October 2011

week 5/6 progress

well heres an update since i never done on last week, i had a minor problem of mis-counting so had to unpick the mistake and do it over again, not to worry all is good and progress is being made again.

been making good progress by managing to get 700 stitches done in one day and a further 300 another day so over a thousand stitches all in

also in the past fortnight i have cut fabric for the other 4 charts i have wth the help of eileen  so will be be able to start another chart after i move ;)

ive also been working on another cover kit in between times and will post some pics of this at a later date
think that will do for now x x


  1. i think your up at about 4000 stitches all in now :) your doing great keep up the good work

  2. wow im really chuffed :) im now counting all stitches i do each time i stitch :). Il deffo be working hard on this when im settled :D not long now x

  3. you need to get your bum in gear miss's hopefully this will give you the kick start you need to keep this up to date

    Also I have awarded you the liebster award. You can find details of it below.